What is Fashionable? | Fashion

Fashion is fitting into the scene and making one look the best that he or she can look. Fashion is the norm of clothing, cars, homes, and yes, even pets. Fashion is fashionable. What is fashionable though?Fashions change all the time. There are some constants about fashion though. The outfits should fit appropriately and be flattering. The vehicles should be safe and clean. The homes should be comfortable and personable. The pets should be well cared for. Now that we know the constants, how does one achieve these constant fashions?Fashionable outfits typically sport the name of a high end designer. This is not necessary though, since in other parts of the world, say the Philippians, fashionable pants include the Levi pant line. This is considered an expensive brand in the United States, but in other parts of the world, it is. Fashionable clothing is clothing that fits well and compliments the body of the wearer. Fashionable clothing does not show too much skin or appear to be too tight. Fashionable clothing does not restrict movement, but rather enables the individual to be as comfortable and natural as possible.Fashionable cars are much like fashionable clothing. What is expensive in one country is not in the other. In America, the BMW is considered one of the most expensive cars on the market. In Bosnia, everyone drives a BMW and people want the Ford Taurus. How is that for luxury and fashion? A fashionable car is a vehicle with personality and is clean at the same time. There should be plenty of the driver in the car and plenty of car to be seen. Dirty is never fashionable and clutter is much like dirt.Fashionable homes are sketchy. Everyone wants a home. Homes in themselves are fashionable. A fashionable home is a home that is well put together with general themes for each room. The living room should not have lawn chairs. The dining room should not have a weight bench. The kitchen should not be storage room. Fashionable homes are all about themes and cleanliness.Fashionable pets are scary. While it can be “fashionable” to have a specific breed, it is far more ‘fashionable” to have a healthy and happy pet. Remember though, pets are for life, not for fashion. Once you get a pet, you are in a till death-do-you-part relationship with that pet. Think before you purchase.

Multimedia For Web Learning | graphic multimedia

Multimedia in Online EducationMultimedia includes any combination of text, graphic art, sound, animation, and video. While state-of-the-art video or audio production would be outside budget limits for college instructors, there are some free or almost free resources that can be utilized to provide multimedia for online courses.Windows OptionsThe Windows XP and Vista operating systems come with Windows Movie Maker, which facilitates creation of short videos with sound. All you need are a sound file, easily created using a microphone and the Windows operating system sound recorder, and digital video or a series of digital photos. While these free products probably will not provide award winning multimedia for your online courses, they can give you the opportunity to expand your course content.Online Presentation of ContentMultimedia enlivens an online presentation of content, but course designers should consider bandwidth during design and development. Most universities and colleges have broadband access to the Internet, but many of the online students are using dial up connections. This severely limits the multimedia content students can download or requires so much time to download that it becomes frustrating to the student. If you choose to incorporate large multimedia files, consider offering students an alternative to getting the content.Free software programs, such as CamStudio, provide the course developer with the ability to create videos from animated screen captures. The software also allows voice recordings. For audio recordings that can be edited, Audacity is a good software choice. A Google search on the software name will take you to the appropriate download site.Large Download AlternativeWhen developing large files for an online class, one alternative to downloading would be to offer all multimedia content you have created to the students on CD-ROM in exchange for a blank CD. Another alternative would be to provide the files in a zip format, using Microsoft Windows compressed folders or WinZip to decrease download time.Static Learning Sites Not EngagingMarc Prensky (2005) has made an extensive study of the way younger learners think and learn. The research population he studied are now, or will be soon, moving into higher education. His research has shown that digital natives, as he calls younger learners, must be engaged or they turn off. They simply stop listening. This research can be extrapolated to indicate that simply putting lectures, outlines and graphics online is not enough to reach the online learner. Text and pictures are not engaging. Multimedia is the future of online education.Resources:Prensky, M. (2005) Engage me or enrage me. Educause Review. September/October 2005.